Ugly Prince Leftover

There was a prince, Prince Leftover.
He was the youngest of three brothers, so he was the last in line for the crown.

He was contented with his lot in life, even though he was ugly, in fact downright unattractive.
He had a face that could curdle milk, so farmers hid their cows whenever he was out riding.
He wondered why he’d never actually seen a cow.
His face was enough to crumble mountains but his personality was enough to build worlds.
He was a man of the heart.
Anyone who met him, had to bravely face his face but they very quickly saw past his unattractiveness and immediately wanted him as a friend.
His secret?
He was sincere.
He had no reason to be pretentious because he knew that he was no better than anyone else and that every person had a beautiful heart, if you would only take the time to uncover it.
His brothers and his father were very different; they were in it for the glory and the power.
The King ruled without Ruth, his wife, so that made him ruthless and her powerless.
She couldn’t do anything to convince her family that her favorite son, Prince Leftover was more of a man than they.
As always in ancient kingdoms, armies attack, people get killed and the balance of power changes.
One day his father and two brothers were killed during such an attack.
This suddenly left Prince Leftover, standing in the position of power.
His mother stood beside him, she always believed in the ugly Prince.
Now he was King Leftover and had no choice but to rule his people as he believed was true to the heart.
The first thing that needed to be done was to find him a beautiful wife.
It was not possible, even the lure of Queendom was not enough to attract the prettiest girls.
None could look at the ugly King’s unattractive face.
His mother whispered to him, “You are facing the wrong way Leftover, you should be seeking an ugly girl with a beautiful heart if you want a true kingdom.”
As embarrassing as it was, King Leftover had to agree and so the search was on for the ugliest girl in the kingdom.
Of course, no woman would answer such a call, that would be like admitting the truth about yourself and no human ever wants to do that.
Except, there was one possibility, one who had given up all hope of ever having even a friend.
It was poor little ugly Daphne Duknee.
She was the brunt of all jokes and Daphne disease was what you would catch if you touched her.
She had a beautiful heart, she knew that everybody did, but most hearts were hidden behind an ugly wall conceit and vanity.
She had no reason to feel these negative emotions from the ego, she had an ugly face, she didn’t need an ugly mind to match.
One day King Leftover was on a Kingly tour of the town when he heard some cheeky kids yell out, “Who’d marry you except ugly Daphne Duknee?”
Instead of killing the kids like his father would have, he asked his guards to find this Daphne girl and to bring her quietly to the castle.
When she arrived in the dark of the night, she was sure that she was in trouble and resigned herself to an early death.
The Kings mother Ruth, had her ladies tidy her up and give her a polish and shine.
She couldn’t meet King Leftover looking like a used car.
They couldn’t do much for her face, it did look dented and unfortunate but they did their best.
When she met the King, they both blushed deeply.
His heart missed a beat and hers missed two.
It was like standing in front of a beautiful wood fire after you’d been out in the snow for years.
It was like the clouds lifting after days of stormy weather, the sun was peeking out and gently kissing the world again.
They both collapsed towards each other in a mangle and tangle of faux pas’ and miscalculations.
They both recognized a true heart when they saw it.
Naturally, they were married and had many, many children but because they were both so ugly, the mother made sure that they were all adopted.
The kingdom thrived and was ruled with love and wisdom.
People grew to love their King and Queen but they still couldn’t look at them.
Everybody wore the darkest sunglasses whenever the royal couple were on tour, how sensitive of the people.
It was two hearts that they came to see, not faces or egos or power and glory, just hearts.
Everybody is in love with a pure heart.