Top of the Pots

Mrs. Plottzz lived in Pottsville and she collected pots, lots and lots, in fact she could not stop.

Whereas Mr. Plotzz collects tops, he did not like pots, he had lots of tops but he was just silly.
Who would want to collect tops?
He had the tops of taps, the tops of cats, the tops of maps and the tops of bats.
He had many tops of hills, one top of a mountain and once he found the top of a hole.
Mrs. Plottzz had so many pots that she told Mr. Plottzz that she thought she might be Queen of the Pots, for the whole wide world, and that’s a lot.
He thought that was tops and suggested she have some sort of competition to see if someone could top her pots.
She thought that Mr. Plottzz’s plan was tops, but it wasn’t, it was pots.
Mrs. Plottzz planned her grand show because she wanted the world to know that she was the Queen of Pots.
So, she organized the world’s first Top of the Pots Competition.
The winner would receive the esteemed and honorable title of Queen of the Pots as well as a voucher to choose one of Mrs. Plottzz’s top pots to keep for yourself.
Quietly Mrs. Plottzz smiled at this, confident that the prize would be hers.
Of course, she could never part with one of her top pots.
She had ads in newspapers, signs on buildings and her friend even mentioned it on the radio.
It became the talk of Pottsville and people all around were excited that their town was the host for the esteemed Top of the Pots Competition.
On the big day, the weather was tops, the crowd wouldn’t stop, thousands came to enjoy the day.
There were lots and lots of pots entered in the competition.
Mrs. Plottzz’s pots were almost lost, there were so many.
Most were not near as classy as Mrs. Plottzz’s wonderful pots, whispered her best friend and chief judge, the Mayor of Pottsville, Justin Knotts.
He was not the right man for the job of judge because once he started drinking he couldn’t stop and he had already started.
To Justin Knotts, all pots were not tops, in fact they were a lot like ocelots, seen one, you’ve seen the lot.
It was time for the chief judge, the Mayor of Pottsville, Justin Knotts to choose the winner.
Unfortunately, Mr. Knotts had lost the plot, there was no more wine, he had drunk the lot.
When he walked into the showroom he tripped and stumbled against the large display.
Crash, suddenly they all lay, in lots and lots of little pieces, that’s not the way that pots should be, that was not a nice sight to see.
There was no winner, no Queen of the Pots, because the pots were now just lots and lots of broken memories and wasted dreams.
Everybody except Mrs. Plottzz still had a wonderful day and all went home happy.
Mrs. Plottzz did not stop, she simply stopped collecting pots and took over Mr. Plottzz’s tops.
You can collect the whole world but it won’t fill the hole in your life.
Your heart is the whole, the ego is a hole, it can never be satisfied.
Listen to your intuition, it will lead you to satisfaction.