Solo Samuel the Super Manual

asymbol-485There was nothing wrong with Samuel’s eyes, like most people he had two in reasonable working order.
He just needed glasses that’s all, badly.
Though he did claim at one time that he could see through walls.
This could be true, because he tended to walk into them, possibly because he couldn’t see them, only through them.
Science is unable to verify this claim.
Solo Samuel the Super Manual didn’t intend that name.
He wanted to be Solo Sam the Superman but he was served a summons regarding copyright on certain words in that arrangement.
Sam didn’t rhyme with manual, so he used his full name, Samuel.
Some people called him Stupid Man that Super Sam, but they were mainly arch enemies, trying to discredit him for the acts of goodness that he was always intending to do.
Most of the time, it was probably Mean Maureen who used to go to school with him when schools were still safe for unarmed students.
Mean Maureen was fine as a child, apart from a few minor bashing and murder charges that could never be proven.
She was just like Sam, a normal sweet boy, except she wasn’t a boy.
She almost received a Nobel Peace Prize, for being first in the world to introduce student bullying.
She followed up with students-against-bullying.
Though, the public didn’t realize that Mean Maureen was only joking about the second bit.
Anyway, Solo Samuel the Super Manual used to try and rescue students who were being bullied.
Often, because of the weakness of his eyes, Solo Samuel saved the bully and left the victim broken-hearted in the dirt.
He could not see without wearing the glasses that he didn’t own.
Also, the eye mask he wore so that he was anonymous, kept slipping down.
This was okay, except he got a annoyed when they commented that the moustache which he didn’t have, looked like a mask, which he did have.
In time, Samuel became an underground hero for student-bullies all around the country.
Whenever they were bullying some little fellow with glasses and they saw Solo Samuel the Super Manual approaching, they would drop the wimpy student in the dust.
Then run up to Solo Samuel shouting, “Thank goodness you’re here Solo Samuel the Super Manual, things were getting desperate”.
Sam would then walk right up to the whimpering battered body on the ground and kick it.
“Solo Samuel the Super Manual is here, enough of your wicked ways you scoundrel”.
Then he would call the police, who would also kick the victim to teach him a profound lesson.
After getting some photos cuddling Solo Samuel the Super Manual, the bully would wander off seeking another victim, satisfied that he was playing an active part in taking modern society down to the next level.
Even bullies do not realize that humanity can’t get much lower.
All the wars and ugly military struggles, pale in comparison to the mental slavery that big brother has imposed on humanity.
A whole species has been abducted.
It is much bigger and nastier that you realize.
You don’t have to get involved or search out the morbid details.
All you need do, is turn your back on the stupidity that surrounds you and focus on your heart.
You can’t fight fire with fire.
You can’t overcome violence with violence.
You must step out of the arena, away from the gladiators and seek peace and understanding instead.
Your infinite heart holds the keys to the doors to a new world.
They are yours to open.
Be brave and step through, then see what happens.