Old Mayor Leroy Cowkicker


Mary Cowboodle was Miss Cowrun Showgirl for two years running.
Nobody had ever achieved this before, so the town was agog.

Just for your interest, agog is not one of those little cars that Italians used to drive in 1957.
Anyway, it’s not that anyone suspected anyone of foul play, but to win two years in a row was unheard of.
Cowrun was not a big town, especially when compared to Buckindrunk, which was an hour away, but that’s not fair, that’s a city and there were over 125 folks living and loving, the rich life there.
The Cowrun Town Mayor and SWAT team representative, was old Leroy Cowkicker and he didn’t like no shenanigans, especially when it came to voting for Miss Showgirl.
The local population including the dogs and the cows was 94 and every one was entitled to vote.
Problem was, there 95 votes!
Someone may have tipped the scales in favor of Mary Cowboodle.
Old Leroy started asking questions, awkward questions like, “Was it you?”
And questions like: “Where were you on Saturday night?”
And before they could answer he snapped, “Can you prove it?”
The whole town was terrified.
As Leroy was making his way slowly down one side of the main street questioning everyone, the other everyone’s ran to the other side.
This was going to take a long time.
He even stopped a stranger, a rare and wonderful thing in Cowrun.
“Hey stranger, was it you?”
“Me? I was asleep, couldn’t have been me!” Said the strange stranger with the outlandish handlebar mustache, that seemed to droop dangerously to the left.
“Sorry stranger but as strange as it seems, you’re under arrest for voting twice and tipping the scales of the law.
Now slowly raise them strangely hairy arms of yours”.
He said as he pointedly pointed his gun at the stranger, who slowly raised his strangely hairy arms.
Suddenly the stranger dropped to his strangely hairy knees, reached for his gun to shoot old Mayor Leroy Cowkicker, but Leroy was too quick.
He kicked the gun out of the strange strangers strangely not-hairy hand and then kicked him in the strangely hairy chest, knocking him down to the ground.
The strangers, strange mustache went flying and landed on old Bob Cowbobby’s head.
It looked great as a wig, especially with the long bit’s hanging down like genuine sideburns, so he left it there.
All this was good television, unfortunately nobody was recording.
The next morning, the court house was full, again they were agog but they knew what ‘agog’ meant this time.
The whole town had turned out, including the dogs and the cows.
Old Judge Cowgiddy shook his head as the truth was told.
“So you’re not a stranger, you’re Dulcie, it’s easy to recognize you now, without the mustache. You sure had us fooled Dulcie”.
Turns out that Dulcie is one of Mary Cowboodles favorite cows and she desperately wanted her to win Miss Showgirl because it brought international fame and prestige to the whole farm.
Why people as far away as Buckindrunk had now heard of Mary’s farm.
Dulcie simply wanted to have another year of laughter and fame.
Unfortunately, it was nearly at old Mayor Leroy Cowkickers expense.
Dulcie had voted once, ducked outside, stuck the mustache on and walked in and nonchalantly voted again.
Old Judge Cowgiddy shook his head, that’s twice now because he shook it earlier in the story.
“Well Dulcie, as much as I would like to, I can’t send you away because Mary Cowboodle needs you on the farm.
So, I sentence you to denial. You are denied the rights to vote for Miss Cowrun Showgirl for the next 5 years. You are also denied the right to wear a mustache in public for the same amount of time.”
Dulcie was devastated but she knew she had done wrong.
Justice has prevailed in Cowrun, thanks to the good work of old Mayor Leroy Cowkicker who was true to his name.
Fate runs in a fickle trickle.
It’s path twists unpredictably and its destination is a mystery.
Your fate follows your thoughts.
Watch what you think or you could come face to face with the likes of old Leroy Cowkicker Mayor of Cowrun.