Blah Brah from Blataviah

asymbol-487The alien was marooned on earth, in the middle of open farmland.
Blah Brah was from Blataviah, which was afar, a far distant galaxy.

He was supposed to be somewhere else with a whole group of tourists but he got lost when the hyper-cuckoo valve got stuck feeding hyper-popcorn into the hyper-allergenic drive of his hyper-ship.
So, he was forced to land and wait until the hyper-thalamus spigot cooled down.
Blah didn’t know much about earth and was keen to make friends and take some cheap souvenirs home with him.
He preferred the plastic clear ones you shake, so it looks like it’s snowing.
Contrary to all that he’d been taught, he set off without a sunhat or protection, hoping to meet an earth-being-thing.
He hadn’t gone far, crested a small hill and you wouldn’t believe it, there were hundreds of earthlings right there before him.
They looked like the Brah and he got very excited.
Without waiting to see if they were dangerous, he just trotted straight up into the midst of them.
He stood proudly and shouted: “I am Blah Brah from Blataviah which is afar, a far distant galaxy. Greetings earthlings.”
They stood still and stared and stared.
The silence was like the deadly gap between burping in public and apologizing.
He waited, then repeated, “I am Blah Brah from Blataviah which is afar, a far distant galaxy. Greetings earthlings.”
Suddenly one of the earthlings stepped forward and said, “Baah?”
“No Blah!”
Then the earthling said “Baah”
“Blah, Blah, Blah!” Blah repeated rather rudely and impatiently.
“Baah” said another, “Baah” repeated still another and suddenly it was on, every damn earthling in the paddock was saying his name, “Baah, baah, baah…baah.”
They wouldn’t stop, it was driving him mad.
“Listen to me, I’ve got technology and love to share, please listen.”
“Baah, baah, baah…baah.”
Suddenly a truck pulled up and the farmer got out with his dogs.
They rounded up all the sheep and took them to the abattoir.
It was funny because that night while they were eating lamb chops, the farmer said to his wife: “There was something wrong with one of those animals, it kept saying Blah, Blah, Blah. I guess it had a speech defect. Mmmm… these green chops are odd Dear.”
You can shout the truth of life into the midst of life and you won’t be heard.
Your truth is different to everybody else’s truth.
Your truth is only valid for you.
Mind your own business and trust your intuition.