Sequential Septimus Samopfey

asymbol-493The man of sequence didn’t quite realise his influence.
He knew he had some sort of extraordinary power, but not that much. Continue reading

Top of the Pots

Mrs. Plottzz lived in Pottsville and she collected pots, lots and lots, in fact she couldn’t stop. Continue reading

Vegan Valerie Vikiwatsup

asymbol-488Valerie Vikiwatsup was a vegan.
She loved animals and had no intention of ever eating them, cooked or raw. Continue reading

Blah Brah from Blataviah

asymbol-487The alien was stuck on earth in the middle of open farmland.
Blah Brah was from Blataviah, which was afar, a far distant galaxy. Continue reading

Goldstar Shinyboots

asymbol-486Goldstar Shinyboots, he says that’s his real name, was a big time singer slash songwriter in the early part of the aftermath of the last century and later, but before that. Continue reading

Solo Samuel the Super Manual

asymbol-485There was nothing wrong with Samuel’s eyes, he had two in reasonable working order like most other people.
He just needed glasses that’s all, badly. Continue reading

Antonio and the angel

asymbol-484Antonio Oho dreamed of flying.
So what, you might say, so do millions of others, so they buy a ticket and go. Continue reading

Doug Holz and form 29D

asymbol-483There was a man called Doug Holz who worked for the national library in a country that I’d prefer not to mention because I don’t know which one it was. Continue reading

Beatrice Blang the author

asymbol-482The reason that some girls snicker, is that boys are funny.
Not funny like boys think they are, witty with a subtle touch of sarcasm. Continue reading

Nitlogen Peloxide

asymbol-481There was a man who spoke the wrong language his name was Nitrogen Peroxide, and don’t ask, it’s just a coincidence.
He gets so tired of that dumb question that you didn’t ask. Continue reading

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